The Early Years

Sunnybank Little Athletics started as a club under Mt. Gravatt Little A’s in February 1981, Sunnybank Little Athletics Centre was formed under Mr. M. Vickers, with an enrollment of 207 children. With the 1981/82 season Mrs Wilma Perkins took over as Centre Manager, laying strong foundations for the centre, With an enrollment of 218, and a great season, Mrs Wilma Perkins, stepped up to the Association level as Manager for Officials,. Her place was taken by Mrs E. Elliott and our numbers grew in the 1982/83 season to 366 children due to the Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane.

Extract from Sunnybank Little A’s Year Book

Honorary Life Members:

Fred Frenken1990John Mitchell (dec.)1994
George Harvey1990Patricia Brown1998
Michael Lacey1990Terrence Norrie1998
Brian Lawson1990Glen Giarola2005
Sandra Padgett1990Margaret Giarola2005
Floyd (Dooch) Taurima1990Malcolm Currie2007
Elaine Taurima (dec.)1990Cathy Currie2007
Kevin Lacey1991Muriel McLean2009
Carolyn Lawson1992Margaret Page2015
John Stevens1992 Isabel Green2016
Peter Murphy1993Roslyn Werder2017
Ron Cruickshanks1994  

Centre Managers

February 1981Mr M Vickers2002-2003Malcolm Currie
1981-1982Wilma Perkins2003-2004Malcolm Currie
1982-1983Elaine Elliot2004-2005Malcolm Currie
1983-1984Brian Lawson2005-2006Malcolm Currie
1984-1985Brian Lawson2006-2007Malcolm Currie
1985-1986Brian Lawson2007-2008Roslyn Werder
1986-1987James Toussis2008-2009S Perkins
1987-1988Brian Lawson2009-2010S Perkins
1988-1989Kevin Lacey2010-2011Isabel Green
1989-1990Kevin Lacey2011-2012Isabel Green
1990-1991Kevin Lacey2012-2013Isabel Green
1991-1992Colin Dwyer2013-2014Isabel Green
1992-1993Colin Dwyer2014-2015Isabel Green
1993-1994Debbie Poynter2015-2016Isabel Green
1994-1995John Crawley2016-2017Isabel Green
1995-1996Malcolm Currie2017-2018Isabel Green
1996-1997Malcolm Currie2018-2019Isabel Green
1997-1998Malcolm Currie2019-2020Isabel Green
1998-1999Malcolm Currie2020-2021Marina Bingham
1999-2000Malcolm Currie2021-2022Isabel Green
2000-2001Malcolm Currie2022-2023Isabel Green
2001-2002Malcolm Currie


Jai TaurimaM LJSilver8.49(+0.6)Sydney, 2000
Bronwyn ThompsonW LJ16th6.55(-0.8)Sydney, 2000
Bronwyn ThompsonW LJ4th6.96(+0.8)Athens, 2004
Bronwyn ThompsonW LJ16th6.53(+0.3)Beijing, 2008

National Record Holders

Jai TaurimaM LJ8.49(+0.6)2ndOlympicsSydneySep 28, 2000
Bronwyn ThompsonW LJ7.00(+1.8)1stIAAF GP IIMelbourneMar 7, 2002

Sunnybank’s QLAA Team Representitives

The QLAA Team is normally composed of 11 Boys and 11 Girls from the Under 12 athletes age group and normally 2 Boys and 2 Girls from the Under 15 age group. The latter compete in the Pentathlon events. From the 1992-1993 Season, the age group for the younger age athletes was increased to Under 13 from Under 12.

1980-1981C Greatrex1990-1991Shannon B Hingston -Curtis
1980-1981H Jones1990-1991Ryan Pollock
1980-1981L Joyce1990-1991Kristie Fawcett (U15)
1981-1982Shane Perkins1990-1991Cinnamon C Murphy (U15)
1982-1983K Elliott1991-1992Dean Stevens (U15)
1983-1984Glen Lewis1998-1999Clare Giarola
1984-1985Suzan Doocey1998-1999Matthew Currie
1984-1985Craig White1999-2000Luke McLean
1984-1985Kristian Maurer2000-2001Dana Eagers
1985-1986Stacey Taurima2001-2002Sean Geer
1986-1987Jenny McLeod2001-2002J.A. Yorkston
1986-1987Jamill Zaricky2002-2003Diane Petith
1986-1987Craig Shannon2002-2003Dana Eagers (U15)
1986-1987Glen Lewis (U15)2003-2004Ben Eagers
1987-1988Cinnamon C Murphy2003-2004Sean Geer (U15)
1987-1988Kristie Fawcett2004-2005Georgina McKenzie
1987-1988Michell Ossipow2005-2006Kade Jennings
1987-1988Marcela Zaricky2006-2007Taylor Deen
1987-1988Justine Keillah2006-2007Shelly Tuicakau (U15)
1987-1988David Lacey2007-2008Kade Jennings (U15)
1987-1988Corrie Taurima2015-2016Brandon Lo
1988-1989Nicole Lacey  
1988-1989Derek Cruickshanks  
1990-1991Chervel C Murphy