2022/2023 Weekly Competition Program 

U/6 – U/17 Athletes: Each Weekly Saturday Competition Day will commence at 12:45 pm with Sign-In and Warm-ups. Age groups compete in 5 events each week, rotating through a 9 week program.  Approximate finish time each Saturday is 4:00pm (earlier for younger age groups)

Tiny Tots: Each Weekly Saturday Program will run 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Our Tiny Tots Program is available for 3 and 4 year olds, The 1 hour program consists of a series of games, activities , drills and a sprint race (maximum distance 60m). Children will learn correct starting position and become familiar with the loud bang of the starters gun. The program is formulated from the Active Skills Award Program (ASAP) in conjunction with Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ) guidelines.

Please REVIEW the Calendar to ascertain the weekly program that is applicable to a specific competition day.

Note: The Competition Day events will be conducted in the order as listed in weekly time tables that will be placed in every age group and event folder, however circumstances might arise on the day or during the season, that may necessitate a change to the order of the events within the age group.

Week 1     
U 670m100mS/JumpShot PutDiscus Drill
U 770m100m200mShot PutS/Jump
U 870m300m WShot PutDiscusLong Jump
U 9200m700m WShot Put DiscusLong Jump
U 10200m1100m WDiscusShot PutHigh Jump
U 11100m400m1100m WLong JumpShot Put
U 12100m400m1500m WShot PutHigh Jump
U 13 100m400m1500m WLong JumpJavelin
U 14 – 17100m400m1500m WDiscusLong Jump
Week 2     
U 670m100mShot PutDiscusMod Jump
U 770m200mShot PutDiscus DrillMod Jump
U 870m200mShot PutLong JumpHigh Jump
U 970m800mDiscusHigh JumpShot Put
U 10100m200m800mDiscusLong Jump
U 11200mDiscusHigh JumpDiscusTriple Jump
U 12200m800mShot PutJavelinLong Jump
U 13 200m800mDiscusLong Jump High Jump
U 14 – 17200m800mDiscusJavelinTriple Jump
Week 3     
U 670m100mShot PutLong jumpHJ Drill
U 770m100mShot PutHJ DrillDiscus
U 870m100mDiscusLong JumpShot put
U 970m800mDiscusLong JumpHigh Jump
U 10100m200m800mLong JumpShot Put
U 11100m200m800mHigh JumpShot Put
U 12100m200m800mJavelinTriple Jump
U 13100m200m800mShot PutTriple Jump
U14 – U 17100m200m800mLong JumpDiscus
Week 4     
U 6Hurdles70m100mDiscus HJ Drill
U 7Hurdles100mDiscus DrillShot PutLong Jump
U 8Hurdles100mDiscusLong JumpHigh Jump
U 9Hurdles100m 400mShot PutHigh Jump
U 10Hurdles700m400mDiscusLong Jump
U 11Hurdles1500mJavelinDiscusTriple Jump
U 12Hurdles1500mShot PutDiscusTriple Jump
U 13 Hurdles1500mDiscusLong JumpHigh Jump
U 14 – U 17Hurdles1500mShot PutHigh JumpJavelin
Week 5     
U 670m100mS/JumpShot PutDiscus Drill
U 770m100m200mShot PutS/Jump
U 870m300m WShot PutDiscusLong Jump
U 9200m700m WShot PutDiscusLong Jump
U 10200m1100m WDiscusShot PutHigh Jump
U 11100m400m1100m WLong JumpShot Put
U 12100m400m 1500m WShot PutHigh Jump
U 13 100m400m1500m WLong JumpJavelin
U 14 – U 17100m400m1500m WDiscusLong Jump
Week 6     
U 6Hurdles70m100mShot PutM/Jump
U 7Hurdles100m200mDiscusM/Jump
U 8Hurdles100m200mShot PutLong Jump
U 9Hurdles200mLong JumpDiscusHigh Jump
U 10Hurdles70m800mHigh JumpDiscus
U 11Hurdles200m800mDiscusHigh Jump
U 12Hurdles800mLong JumpDiscusHigh Jump
U 13Dist Hurdles200m800mJavelinTriple Jump
U 14- U 17Dist Hurdles200m800mShot PutTriple Jump
Week 7
U 670m100mDiscusLong JumpShot Put
U 7100m200mDiscusHJ DrillLong Jump
U 8100m300m WShot PutDiscusHigh Jump
U 970m200m700m WShot PutHigh Jump
U 10100m1100m WDiscusShot PutLong Jump
U 11100m1100m WJavelinLong JumpShot Put
U 12100m200m1500m WJavelinTriple Jump
U 13100m200m1500m WHigh JumpDiscus
U 14 – U 17100m200m1500m WTriple JumpDiscus
Week 8
U 6Hurdles70m100mHJ DrillDiscus
U 7Hurdles70mShot PutDiscusLong Jump
U 8Hurdles70m200mShot PutHigh Jump
U 9 Hurdles100m200mShot PutLong Jump
U 10Hurdles200mShot PutHigh JumpLong Jump
U 11Hurdles200m1500mDiscusLong Jump
U 12Hurdles200m1500mShot PutLong Jump
U 13Hurdles100m1500mShot PutTriple Jump
U 14 – U 17Hurdles100m1500mJavelinHigh Jump
Week 9
U 670m100mDiscusShot PutLong Jump
U 770m100m200mDiscusHJ Drill
U 870m100m200mDiscusLong Jump
U 9100m400High Jump DiscusLong Jump
U 1070m200mShot PutLong JumpHigh Jump
U 11100m400mHigh JumpShot PutLong Jump
U 12100m200m400mJavelinHigh Jump
U 13100m200m400mDiscusLong Jump
U 14 – U 17100m200m400mShot PutLong Jump