Awards Etc

Sunnybank Little Athletics Centre’s main award which is given out at the Annual Presentations is the

Elaine Taurima Award.

A Perpetual Trophy has been awarded since it was first introduced at the conclusion of the 1992-93 season during Elaine’s brave fight against Cancer.   Elaine’s fellow Life Member, Kathleen Coleman, gave a wonderful speech at the time of the first presentation.  Elaine sadly passed away in 2004.

Elaine was for a number of years the Centre’s Chief Recorder and/or Publicity Officer.

These following positions held by Elaine have been extracted from the Centre’s archived Year Books

Season Elaine Taurima’s Centre Committee Positions
1983-1984 parent
1984-1985 Chief Recorder
1985-1986 Chief Recorder and Publicity Officer
1986-1987 Chief Recorder and Publicity Officer
1987-1988 Publicity Officer
1988-1989  Zone & QLAA Recording
1989-1990 Zone & QLAA Recording
1990-1991 Asst Centre Manager
1991-1992 Zone & QLAA Recording
1992-1993 Zone & QLAA Recording

Elaine was usually the Chief Recorder for the Zone (Regional) Relay and Individual Championships. She could always be found in the Results tent at all QLA Associations days quite often In-charge of all the results.

In the latter years of her life, she was also a State QLA Selector. These Selectors picked the team to represent Queensland Little As at the annual Interstate Teams Competition.

Her three sons did the Sunnybank LA Centre most proud. Her youngest two boys, Stacey and Corrie, were selected in their respective Under 12 year to represent Queensland Little As in the above Interstate competition.

Her eldest boy, Jai, did not make the Qld LA team, however, he did pick up an Olympic SILVER medal for Long Jump in a National Record at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Their father Dootch (Floyd) and Elaine’s husband was also an outstanding coach and coached his boys and other Sunnybank Little A athletes to many Jump, Hurdle and Sprint State Medals.

The CRITERIA for the award as set out in the 2010-2011 Year Book states:-

“This award was created in 1992 in honour of Elaine Taurima, a Life Member of Sunnybank Little Athletics Centre, who sadly passed away on 5th of April 1994. Elaine gave her time and talent and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help the Centre run smoothly. The recipient must have been a member for the entire season and can either be a child or an adult.”


Season Recipient
1992-1993 Deborah Poynter
1993-1994 Kathleen Coleman
1994-1995 none awarded
1995-1996 Margaret Giarola
1996-1997 Glen Giarola
1997-1998 none awarded
1998-1999 Cathy Currie
1999-2000 Benjamin Mitchell
2000-2001 Brian O’Driscoll
2001-2002 Vic Spencer
2002-2003 Malcolm Currie
2003-2004 Sharon Dale
2004-2005 Muriel McLean
2005-2006 James Roberts
2006-2007 Margaret Page
2007-2008 Raymond Chan
2008-2009 Shane Perkins
2009-2010 Takuo Aoyama
2010-2011 Peter Windley
2011-2012 David Green
2012-2013 Rebecca Green
2013-2014  Deborah Taylor
2014-2015  Ros Werder
2015-2016  Ben Skewes
2016-2017 Elizabeth Windley
2017-2018 Katharine Richardson
2018-2019 Kevin and Glenda Curtis

 Centre Manager’s Trophy

“This award was initiated at our 1994/95 Presentation Day and is awarded at the discretion of the current Centre Manager.  The Centre Manager may award this trophy to a Centre athlete based on his/her own criteria, and those of the Little Athletics Association.”

Sunnybank LA Year Book – Sept 1995

Season Recipient
1994-1995 Ellen Bentley (G U/15)
1995-1996 Simon Norrie (B U/13)
1996-1997 Penny Hughes (G U/15)
1997-1998 Chris Hubon (B U/12)
1998-1999 Susan Knight (G U/15)
1999-2000 Caitlin Borchet (G U/9)
2000-2001 Marita O’Driscoll (G U/15)
2001-2002 Emma Spencer (G U/14)
2002-2003 Timnah Anderson (G U/7)
2003-2004 Samantha Booth (G U/15)
2004-2005 Stephanie Holm (G U/10)
2005-2006 Kate Greishaber (G U/12)
2006-2007 Mark Roberts (B U/15)
2007-2008 Rose Windley (G U/15)
2008-2009 Jessica Wright (G U/14)
2009-2010 Laryssa Perkins (G U/14)
2010-2011 Skye Hurst (G U/11)
2011-2012 Aaron Werder (B U/9)
2012-2013 Alex Epitropakis (B U/7)
2013-2014 Elizabeth Windley (G U/15)
2014-2015 Shae Godfrey (G U/11)
2015-2016 Tasman Bunkum (B U/11)
2016-2017 The Bunkum Family
2017-2018 Sophie Bingham (G U/10)
2018-2019 Rebecca Williams (G U11)

John Mitchell Walks Encouragement Award.

The  2012/2013 Season Presentation Day saw the awarding of the inaugural Perpetual  John Mitchell Walks Encouragement Award. John Mitchell, a Life Member gave his time unselfishly for many, many years as a parent helper, Committee Member, Coach, Official and Mentor. John had an absolute passion for Athletics and was a wealth of knowledge on every aspect of our sport.

John sadly passed away in August 2012, but will always remain a part of Sunnybank Little Athletics

This award was created in 2013 in honour of John Mitchell, a Life Member, who’s dedication to athletics was unsurpassed. John had a particular passion for Walks and was Sunnybanks Walk Judge/Official/Mentor for many years. This award is determined by the Centre Walks Officials and is based on season performances.


Season Recipient
2012-2013 Brooke Edlinger (G U/11)
2013-2014  Sophie Vernyik (G U/9)
2014-2015  Hannah Coutts (G U/9)
2015-2016  Dylan Lo (B U/12)
2016-2017 Melanie Vernyik (G U/10)
2017-2018 Lochie Bingham (B U/8)
2018-2019 Constantinos Athousis (B U/10)