Cancellation Centre Comp Sat 24 Jan 15

Unfortunately we’re going to have to cancel todays Comp due to the condition of the oval.
The 100m straight and other ares are quite good, the back straight including the track, shot put and Long Jump are a disaster.
I have also spoken to the Groundsman from Sunnybank High who requested that we don’t Drive any vehicles (including our ride on mower) over the oval this weekend to eliminate any damage that may occur to the ground.
This makes it impossible to deliver equipment and tents to event areas!
Once again we will now move todays Comp to a Reserve Day:
Week 3 (Round 3) – 07 Mar 15
I will be at the oval from 1:00pm for Regional Championship Nominations and, although I haven’t been able to speak to her yet, I’m pretty sure Margaret will be there with cakes and Slices again.