Shirt – Unisex microfibre white shirt with Yellow sun across right shoulder/sleeve, front and back of shirt. Black collar and trim on sleeves and bottom of shirt. “Sunnybank Little Athletics” across back.**

Sunnybank Uniform Shirts are $35.00

Shorts – plain black (above knee*) – to be supplied by athlete.

Tiny Tots- All of our Tiny Tot athletes will receive a free gold polo shirt upon registration along with their rego number. Tiny Tots can wear any style or colour shorts.

*Shorts are required to above the knee so as not to restrict leg movement whilst performing athletic events and to allow view of the knee whilst performing Walks event to ensure correct technique is being applied.

* *Uniforms are not compulsory at club competition, however correct uniform is compulsory to wear at any inter-club, regional or State LAQ competition. This includes age patch attached to left sleeve and registration number on the front of club shirt.


Shoes are compulsory for all athletes and officials on every competition day, no matter the weather or surface.

For athletes that wear running spikes, spikes must be carried to the track or field event area, worn only for that event and removed on completion of that event.

Spike Regulations- Spikes may only be worn from the Under 11 to Under 17 age groups**. Up to and including Under 10 age groups,  athletes are not permitted to wear any type of spike shoes with or without blanks in any event whatsoever.

Spikes must be no longer than:

  • 7mm (synthetic track eg sprints)
  • 9mm (synthetic field eg long jump, javelin)
  • 12mm (grass track & field)

** Under 11 to Under 14 year age groups may wear spike shoes in all laned track events (excluding track relay events), all jumping events and javelin, and any spike shoe without spikes attached may be worn in unlaned events.

Under 15-17 year age groups may wear spike shoes in all laned and unlaned track events , jumping events and javelin.